Silvie Lockerova

Silvie Lockerova


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Silvie has been a resident of Cape Ann for 11 years. She is originally from the Czech Republic. While living in various places around the world, Sylvie had experienced traditional and non-traditional healing techniques. She started studying alternative medicine before the age of 17, discovering her natural intuitive gifts. Sylvie learned about brain frequency work, continuing with Holotropic Breathwork, dream work, kinesiology, Osho Meditations, shamanic healing, and more. She has been practicing Reiki healing for over 19 years, and became a Reiki & Seichem Master/Teacher. Angelic work and Violet Flame are today commonly used with her Reiki healing sessions. Being interested in metaphysics, she has learned a modern technique called Quantum Healing, also known as healing in the Theta brain level, which has profound benefits for the body and the spirit.

Silvie enjoys creating events and workshops which are linked to health and wellness. Some of her favorites are: ‘Young Mystics Club’ ( - a wellness club/camp for children from the ages of 6 to 13), Reiki classes for adults and children, and Osho meditations.

An important part of Silvie’s spiritual growth was working in Africa, supporting humanitarian projects. Beside that, she has worked for many years as an international tour guide on adventure-related nature trips; discovering powers of energy vortex places.

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